Grievance Hunt Guide

Azys Lla

Abbreviated AL, this is a 3.0 flying zone. This zone has One S rank, Two A ranks, and Two B ranks that spawn on five second timers.


S rank - Leucrotta
    Spawn Timer - 80 hours, or 40 hours after maintenance
    Spawn Trigger - Kill Beastkin in the Delta Quadrant. Kill 50 Allagan Chimera, 50 Meracydian Vouivre, and 50 Lesser Hydra.

A rank - Compacti
    Spawn Timer - 3-5 hours

A rank - Stench Blossom
    Spawn Timer - 3-5 hours

B rank - Lycidas

B rank - Omni

Elite Hunt Mark Spawn Locations Heat Map

Daily Hunt Mark Spawn Locations