Grievance Hunt Guide

Lower La Noscea

Abbreviated LLN, this is a 2.0 zone. This zone has a very large range of places where the mobs can spawn. There are three points where you can actually teleport to. For spawns in the south, teleport to the crystal. For the middle area teleporting to Limsa Lominsa and then teleporting to the Tempest Gate is fastest. For the upper region, teleport to Limsa Lominsa, then teleport to the mist housing area, then leave the mist to the zone is the fastest.

S rank - Croakadile
    Spawn Timer - 54 hours (30 hours after maintenance)
    Spawn Trigger - Spawns during Full Moon. Full Moon lasts 1-4 days Eorzea Time. Walking over spawn-spots (B/A/S) on one of the Full Moon nights. You can start walking over after 5pm (Eorzea Time) BEFORE first Full Moon night

A rank - Unktehi
    Spawn Timer - Every 3 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours 30 minutes

B rank - Barbastelle

Elite Hunt Mark Spawn Locations Heat Map