Grievance Hunt Guide

How to Hunt

Hunting is easy to do, and gets easier as you experience it more. When you first start out you probably want to join a hunting link shell. Talk to any officer or Sara Arrow to get an invite to the FC hunt linkshell called S_Rank, or you can venture out into the world and ask around for an open hunt LS. I find when hunting having a large diversity of linkshells are helpful in getting the jump on hunt mobs. When a mob is found, it’s typical that calls are made in party first, to allow all the members of your group to get into the zone and on their way. Next you make a LS announcement, afterwards you shout in zone. Note that this is my personal opinion on the matter and not to be taken as a rule, just a helpful strategy. When a hunt is called typically a location is provided in the message that will look something like Western La Noscia (7,38). When you click on that link your map will open with a flag at that position. I like to use that to determine the nearest Aetheryte teleport crystal. From inside the map you have open, one can actually click on that aetheryte and choose to teleport there.

When hunting solo for your daily marks, Shiv has provided a link to a fantastic website that will give you the quickest path to getting to all the mobs on your list.
Simply choose which mobs are on your list from the zones, then click search at the bottom to have a map generated for you. Its a fanatic site indeed.

It's helpful that you set up macros for announcing hunts. I personally use four macros. One for announcing a mob that I am targeting to the party, one for announcing a mob that I am targeting to my link-shells, one for relaying a flag that someone else has provided with the rank to party, and one for relaying a flag that someone else has provided with the rank to my LS's. You can repeat these for announcing S ranks as well as A ranks. B ranks are not to be announced in link shells or party chat. If you want to be kind, you can shout in zone for the location of the B rank mob. As a rule for ANY announcement, always always always include the mobs Rank.

Examples of macros include.
"/p Blimey, I seem to have discovered a rare form of A rank named <t>! Come on down to <pos> and watch me put me thumb in its backside!".
"/l2 SSSSSSSSSSSSS RANK AT <flag>!!1!oneone!".
"/shout Is anybody looking for this B rank <t>?".

If you are doing more than one linkshell, separate out each on separate lines in your macro. Common syntax used in macros for hunts:

  • <t> - Whatever you are targeting, caution on this one, this can be a player, a trash mob, a primal, whatever you have targeted at the time.
  • /shout - Channel for shout.
  • /l# etc - Linkshell 1, linkshell 2, linkshell 3, etc where # is the number of the linkshell in the list.
  • /fc - Free company chat.
  • /p - Party chat.
  • /cwlinkshell# - Cross World Linkshell where # is the linkshell number.
  • <flag> - When you click on a link someone has provided a flag will appear on your map, if you then type in chat you will relay those coords and provide others with the ability to click on that link themselves. You can also create flags manually by Ctrl + click on a map you have open.
  • <pos> - This is your current position. This will provide a click-able link to others that they can click on to get a flag for your location.

When hunting for elite mobs it is best to hunt in groups. It is almost impossible to solo a gold rating for an A rank, and completely impossible for an S rank. There are three possible ranks of rewards you can receive when hunting. Much like bronze, silver, and gold for Fates; hunt mobs give out diminished returns if you or your party does not contribute enough to the fight. Contribution is typically summed up by how much enmity you put into the battle. Using skills such as quelling strikes is not recommended. Doing a lot of damage, getting heavy hits in early in the fight, using a lot of enmity generating skills, and massive over healing are valid strategies for getting gold during a hunt.
Hunting in groups also provides you with more chance of being at a hunt before it is attacked (or pulled as it’s called). When you join a hunt party that is interested in doing more than just killing the latest called A rank, the best strategy is to spread out into different "Open" zones and look for the respective A and S ranks in that map. There are a few websites out there that will tell you what is open. I recommend Ariyala's tracker which has been updated to include the new 3.0 zones! Her site is easy to use, when a timer is in RED, that means the window is closed and how much longer till the window opens back up. When the timer is in green that means the window is open, and for how long it will remain open. B ranks, once killed re-spawn in 5 seconds at a random location in the zone. A ranks have a three to five hour window before them re-spawn once killed, they then have a force spawn of one hour after they open. This means that they can spawn any time before that hour is out, but when it is, they will spawn no matter what. S ranks have a 36 to 48 hour downtime window, and have about the same amount of time in the open window as well. Conditions must be met in order to get an S rank to spawn. Information about particular S rank spawn methods can be found in the individual zone pages located to the right of this blob of text. Note that A, B, and S ranks can spawn relatively close to one another.

When hunting for B ranks, feel free to give a shout in the zone to ask for that particular mob. If you manage to find your B rank, feel free to ask in zone before killing it if anybody needs this particular B rank, but make SURE that you announce what rank it is.